LatentSwap3D: Semantic Edits on 3D Image GANs

Authors: Enis Simsar, Alessio Tonioni, Evin Pınar Örnek, Federico Tombari
Published in CVPR23, 2022


Recent 3D-aware GANs rely on volumetric rendering techniques to disentangle the pose and appearance of objects, de facto generating entire 3D volumes rather than single-view 2D images from a latent code. Complex image editing tasks can be performed in standard 2D-based GANs (e.g., StyleGAN models) as manipulation of latent dimensions. However, to the best of our knowledge, similar properties have only been partially explored for 3D-aware GAN models. This work aims to fill this gap by showing the limitations of existing methods and proposing LatentSwap3D, a model-agnostic approach designed to enable attribute editing in the latent space of pre-trained 3D-aware GANs. We first identify the most relevant dimensions in the latent space of the model controlling the targeted attribute by relying on the feature importance ranking of a random forest classifier. Then, to apply the transformation, we swap the top-K most relevant latent dimensions of the image being edited with an image exhibiting the desired attribute. Despite its simplicity, LatentSwap3D provides remarkable semantic edits in a disentangled manner and outperforms alternative approaches both qualitatively and quantitatively. We demonstrate our semantic edit approach on various 3D-aware generative models such as pi-GAN, GIRAFFE, StyleSDF, MVCGAN, EG3D and VolumeGAN, and on diverse datasets, such as FFHQ, AFHQ, Cats, MetFaces, and CompCars. | Paper | Project Page


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